BanniĆØre principale

Taranis is an investment and asset management company owned by Perenco Group.
It operates through distinct investment funds:

Energy for Africa is Taranisā€™ investment arm dedicated to power generation across Africa. We focus on renewable energy (both on-grid and off-grid) as well as on conventional technologies. Our investment philosophy is characterized by a diversity of investment models (through investment funds, direct minority investments, JVsā€¦) and strong partnerships, with the aim to drive value creation and execution excellence in our portfolio.

Taranis Carbon Ventures is Taranisā€™ Venture Capital fundĀ investing inĀ innovative hardware companies with proven technologiesĀ that have aĀ significant impact on the development of a Carbon Circularity (CO2 capture and storage, reuse applications and plastics recycling). TaranisĀ supports start-ups by leveraging its industrial assets, engineering capabilities and ecosystem connections.Ā 

Our partners

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Decommissioning fund is Taranisā€™ fund dedicated to pre-finance the long-term decommissioning of Perenco oil and gas facilities. The fund, managed in partnership with BNPP Asset Management, invests this funding reserve in multi-assets and ESG compliant ventures across different sectors and geographies.

Investment scope

Commercial real estate loans

Infrastructure projects


Corporate debt

Through Taranis Nature-Based Solutions, Taranis is investing in projects to protect or restore natural ecosystems. Our ambition is to promote projects which preserve or improve carbon absorption of ecosystems such as forests, grassland, wetlands or coastal areas while also benefiting local communities and biodiversity. Taranis objective is to deploy this strategy within Perenco group geographies.